Administrative Area Name


Administrative Area Name

Definition The name by which an administrative area is known.

Guidance The full, official title should be used, with no abbreviations or nicknames (e.g. do not use ‘Salop’ for ‘Shropshire’ or ‘So’ton’ for ‘Southampton’). The standard followed by an authoritative list such as the Office of National Statistics and Ordnance Survey mapping products should be used. Use with Administrative Area Type.

Administrative area names may change. By default current names at the time of entry compilation should be used and measures may need to be taken to keep the dataset up to date.

The Currency Unit of Information should be used where it is necessary to record historic or former administrative area names (e.g. Saxon hundred names). The Language Unit of Information may be used to qualify this unit where alternate language versions need to be recorded.

Controlled entry Yes.

Information group Location