TACOS one day seminar

Towards a Collaborative Strategy for sector information management (TACOS)

On 14 May 2014 the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) will host a one day seminar on behalf of FISH and HEIRNET at the University of York to discuss common issues facing the historic environment information sector and make progress towards a shared vision and agenda for historic environment information management. (HEIRNET stands for Historic Environment Information Resources Network.

The seminar will investigate current historic environment information management practices and identified areas for improvement through cross-sector collaboration through three overarching themes:

  • Use of information and reuse of data (e.g. ‘Big Data’ projects reusing historic environment information/datasets, the role of information standards, the integration of different types of historic environment information built heritage information)
  • Skills development (e.g. skill gaps in professional practice)
  • Use of new information systems and technology (e.g. access to information and technology, how skills development and training is accessed – potential barriers)

Download the full TACOS Report (December 2014) here.

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