Conference: Terminology and Knowledge Engineering, June 2016

The 12th international conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering, TKE 2016, is organised by GTW and the Department of International Business Communication, Copenhagen Business School, in cooperation with TermNet and other associations and consortia, national and international organisations.

Location: Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen

Conference – 22-23 June 2016Term Bases and Linguistic Linked Open Data 

Workshop – 24 June 2016Making the visualization of concepts more attractive and smarter


  • Visual representation in terminology
  • Concept analysis and visualization
  • Text visualization and analytics
  • Taxonomies for visual data categories
  • Ontologies for pictures and their elements
  • Linked Open Data Visualization
  • Visual categories in terminology
  • Diagrammatic reasoning
  • Hybrid reasoning (reasoning supported by images and symbols)
  • Spatial ontologies
  • Visual cultures
  • Ethical issues of visualization

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