TermNet: International Terminology Summer School (Cologne July 2017)

The International Terminology Summer School (TSS) is the leading and largest international summer school for terminology professionals with about 80 participants from some 40 countries and almost every continent. TSS offers a one-week, practice-oriented training course covering a comprehensive overview of the methods and principles of terminology management. The course is taught by some of the most renowned and prominent terminology experts in the world. Participation in TSS qualifies to obtain the ECQA Certificate for Terminology Managers.

Date: 10 to 14 July 2017

Location: TH Köln (former Cologne University of Applied Sciences), Cologne, Germany


Understanding terminology management

  • What is terminology?
  • Why terminology management?
  • How terminology work is embedded in my organisation and work environment?

Terminology management skills

  • Data Modelling: Data Categories for Terminology Management
  • Terminology Tools – Terminology Management, Extraction and Control
  • Terminology Exchange
  • Creating a Terminology Database
  • Exploring TBX

Terminology strategies for business processes

  • How to present the business case for terminology
  • Terminology Policies and Terminology Planning
  • How to calculate and argue costs & return on investments for terminology
  • Legal translation and Terminology

Standards and legal issues for terminology work 

  • Copyright Issues for Terminology Management
  • Standards for Terminology Work: Principles, Definitions and Relations

For more information: http://www.termnet.org/english/events/tss_2017/index.php 

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